At the Computer Shop Solutions, our years of experience in computer repair has taught us that the “Quick Fix” that is all too common in the computer repair world is rarely the right solution.  We don’t just address the symptom, we dig deep to make sure our computer repair service takes care of the problem the first time....

We are going mobile, February 1st, 2017.  Keeping our store front location would mean raising our prices beyond what we think is fair to you, our customers.  Going mobile is our way of continuing that special customer relationship that we have worked  so hard to achieve since 2007.  We work hard to keep our prices affordable and in line with our competitors.   Going mobile means just that.  We will come to your home or workplace and pick up your computer or laptop and once repaired will deliver it right back to you.  You will still get our fast, convenient services at our affordable prices. You can call us to  schedule your computer pickup or simply fill out our online form and we will call you. 

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