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At the Computer Shop Solutions, our years of experience in computer repair has taught us that the “Quick Fix” that is all too common in the computer repair world is rarely the right solution.  We don’t just address the symptom, we dig deep to make sure our computer repair service takes care of the problem the first time....

We’ve been performing Computer Repair & Services on computer systems since 1995 and we have the people, processes and resources to ensure your complete computer repair satisfaction.  Our team knows that beyond the computer repair you want someone that you can understand that won’t talk down to you.  That’s why our computer repair services have been ranked #1 time and time again and what makes us the trusted choice for computer repair by hundreds of consumers just like you.

Our computer repair technicians have the time to dedicate to each customer making your Computer Shop Solutions computer repair experience unlike any computer repair experience you’ve had before.  When you walk through the door or call one of our computer repair technicians, you’ll immediately recognize the difference.  Find out why we’re “A Better fix” for your computer repair problem next time you have a computer repair need.

We handle all kinds of computer service and repair from Network Planning and Deployment in a corporate environment to personal WI-Fi networks in a home environment.  We have the expertise and experience to provide the right solution for you


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